Penetrating Damp in Barnsley

Penetrating damp in Barnsley is an all too common issue with the potential to seriously damage both the exterior and interior materials of a property. It is generally classified as water that finds its way from the outside in and it can occur at all levels of the building. This is unlike rising damp which occurs only at ground level.

Why does penetrating damp occur?

Penetrating damp in Barnsley can occur for a number of reasons as follows

  • Faulty rainwater goods ie blocked gutters, faulty downpipes
  • Roof defects such as missing roof tiles
  • Damaged pointing, cladding, flashing or render
  • Walls exposed to wind driven rain
  • Long periods of rain and heavy winds
  • Flood water saturating masonry
  • Ongoing and undetected leaks from pipes
penetrating damp treatments in Barnsley
penetrating damp treatments Barnsley

What are the signs of penetrating damp?

As water continues to penetrate the property, then the moisture will begin to soak through the bricks and mortar and into internal plaster and timbers.  This can lead to discolouration and damage of plaster as well as increasing the risk of rot and woodworm attack to timbers which thrive in damp conditions.

  • Growing circles of random damp patches on walls or ceilings
  • Wet and crumbly plaster
  • Drips and puddles
  • Green mildew, moss on outside walls
  • Signs of spores or mildew
  • Unpleasant damp smell
  • Blackened and rotten timbers.

Diagnosis & Treatment For

Penetrating Damp in Barnsley

The essential first step if you suspect your property is suffering from penetrating damp in Barnsley is to check for and fix any property defect issues, such as clearing blocked gutters, checking that roofs are in a good state of repair and not leaking and assessing for loose pointing and cracks in the brickwork and render.

When the problem is ongoing, damage extensive and has not been resolved by repairing property defects, then more involved works may be required.

Barnsley Damp Proofing  may recommend a survey is undertaken at this stage to asses and recommend any necessary action.

Works may include removal of contaminated plaster and replacement with a specialist plaster specification, installation of a membrane to provide a protective barrier, applying a Stormdry masonry protection treatment to provide ongoing protection to walls and brickwork which are heavily exposed to the elements and treating or replacing timbers suffering from rot or beetle infestation.

Contact us for help and advice

If you are concerned about penetrating damp in Barnsley, then the team at Barnsley Damp Proofing  can help. We will conduct a survey to assess the problem and recommend the correct solutions required to ensure that the property is fully protected.

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