Timber Treatment Barnsley

Structural timbers in UK properties are particularly susceptible to fungal and insect attacks due to a combination of a damp and temperate climate in combination with the use of traditional building materials and methods used in construction.  Damp and wet conditions combined with a lack of ventilation and where damp conditions are ongoing, provides the ideal environment for destructive rots and fungus to form and take hold, causing widespread damage and decay to the timbers within a property.  Our services include surveys, reports and full timber treatments in Barnsley.

Survey and Treatment

Here at Barnsley Damp Proofing  we diagnose and provide treatment for:

  • Dry rot
  • Wet rot
  • Woodworm

With an indepth understanding of the unique characteristics associated with beetle infestation, fungal and rot attack, our surveyors will assess for and investigate the reasons that have caused the problem. They will then recommend the correct timber treatments in Barnsley to ensure long term cure and protection.

woodworm timber treatments in Barnsley
timber treatment specialists

Our range of timber treatment solutions include:

  • Assessment for damp proofing and ventilation requirements
  • Elimination of all water ingress causing the damp conditions
  • Removal and replacement of rotten timbers
  • Treatment of insitu and replacement timbers
  • Application of the appropriate fungicidal spray, timber pastes, dual purpose fungicide and insecticides
  • Monitoring of exit holes to establish level of activity
  • Frass analysis
  • Timber resin repairs

Treatment is carried out by experienced technicians who are fully trained and qualified to carry out this work to ensure all buildings receive a high quality solution using the most appropriate treatment procedures, methods and products.

Our Guarantee

All remedial works are recommended subject to survey from a Curedamp qualified surveyor and are carried out by our own team of technicians to ensure the professional application of treatment. Our remedial works are protected by our company guarantee with third party insurance backed guarantees also available. If you need timber treatments in Barnsley contact us for further advice.

If you are concerned about any of the above issues affecting your property, please contact a member of our timber treatments team.